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Burden Bluggerbuckle

Embark on an epic adventure

Role-playing games are awesome! That's why we've smashed together tabletop role-playing games and party games to create this hilarious fantasy adventure. You play just like you would a board game – around a table with friends. It's laugh-out-loud fun mixed with epic adventure, giving you the freedom to get creative and unleash your imagination.

Get your best squad

Working as a team, your squad must overcome environmental challenges, epic battles, and laugh-out-loud party games in your quest to save the Great Plains from Burden Bluggerbuckle, a grief-stricken orc on a murderous rampage.

Orc with popped party balloon
Orc tangled in bunting

Let your imagination run wild!

Create your own customisable character. Give them a cool name, an interesting backstory, and play as your character throughout the game. Get ready for hilarious and awkward fails, whoop-inducing successes, and gut-busting laughs as your characters save the world. 

And don't worry if you've never played a role-playing game before, we've made it super simple, so you spend more time having fun than learning rules.

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