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The Party RPG

The Party RPG


Delve into a cooperative game of storytelling and epic quests, where your imagination can create hilarious and unexpected events, and your friends can help or hinder you as you navigate the brutal and strange world of The Party RPG. 

About the game:

  • Unleash your imagination to create a fully customisable fantasy character.
  • Playing as your character, you go on an epic adventure, overcoming challenges, fighting evil bad guys, and playing hilarious party games.
  • Play using the quest book and 3 six-sided dice. The A4 quest book has 100 pages of unique content and expertly guides you through your quest, making your adventure easy and fun. 
  • Perfect for up to 6 players playing face to face or over Zoom


Burden Bluggerbuckle is a bereaved orc on a mission. Angry and bitter, he's sourced an ancient and terrifying magical artefact, and he's using his new-found magical ability to rampage through defenceless towns and villages. From little gnomes to giant trolls, the citizens of the Plains need a ragtag group of heroes to save them.

That's where you and your fearless team step in. Acting as your characters, you embark on a quest across the Plains to stop Burden from destroying the world, facing danger and challenge at every turn. 

You'll meet an ensemble cast of wacky characters, including belligerent goblins, dishevelled wizards, orcs who just want to be loved, and trolls with a dangerous fascination for obstacle courses. Some of them need help. Some of them want to kill you.

And it's not just enemy characters that threaten your safety, the environment of the Plains is also a harsh and unforgiving place. Goblin minefields, broken bridges, and massive cliffs all need to be conquered on your march to victory. 

You're in complete control over how you solve challenges. Guided by a very simple set of dice rules, you work with your team to propose ideas and roll dice to see if they work. But watch out, roll an epic fail and things can go hilariously wrong. 

Over the course of the game, you can improve your character by earning coin, increasing its level, and buying weapons, shields, armour, and magical items. But watch out, your character can be killed, so make sure you keep your wits about you. 

What do official reviewers say?

  • Rated 8/10 by Zatu, the UK's biggest board game retailer. They said, "everyone loved this quirky, unique experience. We laughed, we danced, and we all acted like lunatics. The often hilarious...and this is a joy to play!"
  • Recommended in Issue 52 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine and described in subsequent videos as 'fabulous fun' and included in their Best Games of March newsletter.
  • Reviews from R'lyeh: "Simple, light rules, a straightforward plot, accessible presentation, and sense of humour, makes this roleplaying game almost the perfect means to introduce those unfamiliar to the concepts of roleplaying to their first actual roleplaying game."

What's included?

  • Physical game book, printed on A4
  • Cut-out character Sheets 
  • Supporting digital material, including extra character sheets and digital dice. You can use any 3 six-sided dice if you prefer.

Still not sure how to play?

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What differentiates it from other role-playing games?

  • Swap Games Masters at each location, if you want to.
  • Simple, easy-to-understand rules.
  • No character limitations, be whatever you want - human, dwarven warrior, goblin, elf, gnome, pixie, unicorn, medieval accountant! 
  • Sometimes dice rolls are replaced with hilarious party games! 

Additional game detail:

  • 3-6 players recommended
  • Mature themes: parental discretion advised. If you play with young children, we recommend an adult takes on the role of Games Master. 
  • Size: A4

Watch a 2 minute overview of the game: 

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Review for The Party RPG

Rated 5 based on 8 reviews
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Hours of entertainment

I was never a fan of rpg until now! Witty, imaginative and hours of fun!

Reece,  Wakefield

A newbie and total convert to RPG!

Played remotely with the family over lockdown after a recommendation. It was a right good laugh, really enjoyed.

Sarah,  Cardiff

Hours of fun!

A brilliantly witty, super fun, easy to grasp adventure. We played as a large group and had an amazing evening! The inventive storyline and unusual characters drew in even the less-nerdy members of our group. Would thoroughly recommend and cannot wait to play again over Christmas!

Rosie Moreton,  Hampshire

Great Fun with Friends over Zoom

Really Great Fun, played it with a mix of people who have never played role playing games and some that are seasoned pros. It was awesome. Also really great to do virtually as well, meet up and have fun with friends without it having to be ANOTHER ZOOM QUIZ!

Kieran,  Chichester
"It's the EASIEST game to GM"
"Fabulous fun"
"Great when played remotely!"
"I can't wait to play again."
"It's the EASIEST game to GM"
"Fabulous fun"
"Great when played remotely!"
"I can't wait to play again."