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The Party RPG

The Party RPG - Digital Download

The Party RPG - Digital Download

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Leave screen time behind with this epic text-based adventure game, provided in a full-colour digital download. You don't have to print out to play - run the game from a laptop or tablet!

 The Party RPG is a raucous, fun-filled fantasy adventure that smashes together tabletop role-playing games and hilarious party games. Adults and kids alike will revel in the playful, hilarious and sometimes scary adventures. 

Escape screen time: play around a table or wherever you feel comfortable

Simple and easy to play: master the game in minutes, not hours. Ranked one of the best board games for non-gamers in Issue 58 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine!

Encounter an ensemble cast of wacky characters:  meet orcs who just want to be loved, trolls with a dangerous fascination for obstacle courses and hippy gnomes.

Create your own customisable character: give your character a name, an interesting backstory, and customise it with skill attributes, weapons, shields, armour and magical items.

Let your imagination run wild: imagine crazy solutions to environmental challenges, fight in epic battles and play laugh-out-loud party games, including Squawky Pig, Hardboiled Egg, and a Witch Queen's Talent Show!

Hours of fun - over 15 hours of gameplay, with six main quests, five side quests and sixteen locations to explore. 

Reviews:  included in Tabletop Gaming Magazine's Best Games of 2021 list and ranked as one of the best board games for non-gamers! 


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