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how to play the party rpg


Step one: create your character


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Creating a character couldn't be easier. Follow a simple five-step process to get started.

The only limit is your imagination. With no rules on what you can or can't be, you can draw inspiration from classic fantasy adventures or create something totally new.

Customise your character with items, weapons, shields, and armour. You also choose the skills you want your character to have, from Stealth, Awareness, Intelligence, Speed, and Strength.

Improve your character as you play by earning experience and coin. 

Get started straight away. Click here to download a character sheet. 

Step two: read the book


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The Squad assign a Games Master (GM) who becomes storyteller-in-chief and referees the Squad's actions. You can swap GM at each location if you want to.

The book describes a variety of challenges that need solving. Some are environmental, such as goblin minefields or broken bridges, others are character-based, like murderous goblins, gnomes who need rescuing, and love-struck trolls with a fascination for obstacle courses. 

Acting as your character, you use your imagination to come up with weird and wacky solutions.   

Step 3: roll dice or play a party game

play around a table 

After imagining your solutions, you follow a simple set of rules to determine the outcome.

You can either roll dice or play a party game. The book expertly guides you through the options available, meaning you'll never be stuck on how to solve the problem you're faced with. 

You can also talk your way out of a problem. Players have the freedom to convince the Games Master that they don't need to roll dice. This means you can get creative with the rules, which adds an extra bit of chaos that creates some truly fantastic moments of gameplay.

And that's a summary of how to play! 


   buy the game



If I buy the game, what do I get?


You get a physical copy of The Party RPG book, which has 100 A4 pages of high quality content. You also get access to digital content, including extra character sheets, a digital version of the rule book, a Games Master Reference Sheet, and access to our digital dice. If you prefer playing with physical dice, you can use any 3 six-sided dice. 


I've never played a role-playing game before and they sound complex. Is it hard to play?


No! You'll be surprised at how quickly players get into the adventure. Everyone will soon have all sorts of crazy ideas, often generating hilarious and unexpected events. Nothing can match the sense of adventure a tabletop role-playing game gives you. 

Simplicity is at the core of our design philosophy. It's why we're rated 8/10 by the UK's biggest boardgame retailer, Zatu, and were recommended in Issue 52 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine. In a subsequent video, Charlie from Tabletop Gaming Magazine also described the game as 'the easiest EVER to Games Master.' Score! 


Can it be played remotely?


Yes! It's super easy to play via Skype, Teams, or Zoom. In fact, it's so easy we've made a 'watch it played' video, which you can watch here.


What type of character do I have to be? 


There's no limit on the type of character you can be. We've had everything from stereotypical elven archers to medieval accountants and everything inbetween.


Is it suitable for young children?


There are mature themes so parental discretion is advised. Due to the presence of subtle sexual references and violence, we recommend it is suitable for teenagers and above. If you decide to play with young children, we suggest an adult takes on the role of Games Master. Seb from Zatu did this and gave the game an 8/10 rating, so it's possible to make it child friendly and still have an awesome time!


How easy is it to swap Games Masters at each location?


Very easy. Swapping Games Masters adds some chaos and inconsistency that actually makes the game a little bit more fun, so if you're experienced at RPGs it may help freshen up your game night! 


Can I reuse my characters in future quests?


Yes, you can. You can even play through the quest again!


How long does the game last?


The whole quest lasts about 12-15 hours, but don't worry, you don't have to play it all in one. The game is divided into 6 main quests, each taking about 2 hours to complete. 

"It's the EASIEST game to GM"
"Fabulous fun"
"Great when played remotely!"
"I can't wait to play again."
"It's the EASIEST game to GM"
"Fabulous fun"
"Great when played remotely!"
"I can't wait to play again."